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Pitch your product to people who care

Replying to questions on platforms like reddit, Quora, and StackExchange is a proven strategy to generate long-tail traffic from prequalified leads. However, it takes a lot of time to manually scour the web for people who are looking for a solution like yours. We automate this process.

1. Enter your question

Simply enter a sample question that a person looking for your product may ask. Then, select the platforms you'd like us to monitor for similar questions

2. We scan Q&A sites using AI

We use natural language processing and machine learning to find questions that have the same intent as your question on sites like reddit, Quora, StackExchange, Product Hunt, and Hacker News

3. We alert you

We alert you in real time when someone asks a question you care about, so that you can immediately jump into the conversation while it's still taking place

Automate your lead discovery

Rather than manually searching Google (which sometimes takes days to index new questions on Q&A platforms) for multiple keywords, let our machine learning-powered discovery tool find people who have a problem that your product addresses. We'll automatically alert you via email if someone is looking for a solution like yours on reddit, Quora, StackExchange, Product Hunt, Hacker News, or Indie Hackers.

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What might your potential customers ask?

Jack runs a Docker hosting platform. He wants to jump into a conversation when users talk about and compare Docker hosting solutions, because he knows his pricing and features are superior to his competitors.


We've got a match!

We use machine learning to make sure to only alert Jack when the conversation is really about Docker hosting. We find synonyms and phrasing that has the same intent as the question Jack entered.


You've got mail!

As soon as we find a match, we alert Jack via email. If there are lots of matches per day, we'll batch the results into a few summary emails a day. This allows Jack to reply to the questions we found while the conversation is still taking place.

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